Eglise St Hugues Interieur HiverEglise St Hugues Interieur Hiver
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Arcabas and the St Hugues church

The hamlet of St Hugues shelters an unsuspected treasure in an improbable place: one of the most beautiful achievements of Contemporary Sacred Art of the 20th century.

A shock, this is what you are likely to feel when entering this modest mountain church. You will also be surprised when you learn that the 111 stained-glass windows and flaming paintings are the work of one man in 35 years of work: Arcabas.

He arrived in St Hugues at 25, he was not known, did nothing exceptional. He meets the parish priest of St Hugues’ church and offers him to decorate the interior for free and it is a miracle, the priest says “yes”.

The museum is open all year round, self-guided tours are free and guided tours (for a fee) are offered. Young and old can also participate in workshops: stained glass, painting on burlap, etc.

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