Réserve Aiguebelette

A.A.P.P.M.A. - Lac d'Aiguebelette angling association

Associations, Sporting associations in Lépin-le-Lac
  • The A.A.P.P.M.A angling association offers a whole range of licenses to suit all comers and can also provide small boats (with or without engines) for anglers.

  • These peaceful waters are the realm of fishes such as ciscoes or arctic chars.

    The missions of the AAPPMA are:
    - administrative tasks such as the distribution of fishing cards (mandatory)
    - piscicultural, to protect and ensure the growth of the species
    - the development of the Fishing and Nature workshop
    - the surveillance of the fishing activity and the respect of the rules
    - protecting the aquatic environment
  • Spoken languages
    • English
    • French
  • Activities
    • Various sports
    • Fishing
    • Freshwater fishing
  • Services
    • Sale of fishing licences