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Buy your fishing card

What fishing card do you need to have to fish? Where can you buy them? What about reciprocal stamps? … We answer all these questions!

To fish in France, you must hold a card that grants you fishing rights. Indeed, rivers, ponds, lakes, etc. belong to the state (public domain), to private individuals or associations (AAPPMAs: Associations Agréées de Pêche et de Protection du Milieu Aquatique – Approved Associations for Fishing and Protection of the Aquatic Environment). This card therefore allows you to access these areas (as a kind of right of access or rental).
You should also be aware that part of the cost of your card is paid back to the AAPPMAs so that they can set up river maintenance, management and restoration actions as well as monitoring, awareness and information actions.

Depending on where you wish to fish, the authorisations are not the same:

Fishing sites in the public domain or managed by the AAPPMAs

You must buy a national fishing card (except in Savoie where you will need to buy a Savoie fishing card), which allows you to fish in 1st and 2nd category, with all fishing methods.

There are 2 types :

The annual cards: valid all year round (during the fishing opening periods), it is suitable for those who practice their leisure regularly.
The inter-federal card: this card allows you to fish with several lines (which is not the case with all cards) in almost all French departments (except for a few, including Savoie).
The card for adults: use this card if you always fish in the same area. With it, you can fish with several lines on the fishing routes of a single AAPPMA (unless there is a reciprocal agreement between several AAPPMAs). For example: if you have bought an “adult person” card from the AAPPMA des Pêcheurs du Haut Guiers, you will only be able to fish on its sector (unless you also take a Guiers stamp).
The women’s discovery card: a promotional card for women to discover fishing at an attractive price. It is limited to one line.
The “personne minor” card: it gives access to the same rights as the “personne majeure” card but is aimed at young people under 18 years of age (as of 1 January of the current year).
Discovery card – 12 years old: for young people under the age of 12 (as of 1st January of the current year), it is perfect for discovering fishing with the family or during nature workshops. It allows you to practise with a single line. Please note that the Guiers stamp is included in the card and it allows you to fish in all the departments, under the same conditions as the inter-federal card.
Seasonal cards: these cards are suitable for those who wish to fish occasionally or during their holidays. They are therefore valid in one sector of AAPPMA.
The weekly card: particularly suitable for those who wish to fish during their holidays. It is valid for 7 consecutive days and is available all year round.
The day card: this card allows you to fish for one day and is valid all year round.
Private fishing sites

Some fishing sites are private or subject to additional permits. This is the case, for example, of the ONF courses and certain ponds.

Discover all the fishing sites in Chartreuse and their respective regulations, whether in terms of fishing cards, additional permits, reciprocity or in terms of number of catches, techniques, etc.

Reciprocity Mistletoe

One of the peculiarities of the Chartreuse is that it is located in 2 departments: Isère and Savoie and the river Guiers, well known to fishermen, is its “border”. Depending on whether you are fishing on the right bank, the left bank, the Guiers Mort or the Guiers Vif, you should not have the same fishing cards. The association “Reciprocity Guiers” wanted to simplify this and offers you the purchase of a Guiers stamp (in addition to the fishing card you already have) allowing you to fish serenely all along the river.

Where to buy your fishing card or “Guiers” stamp?

Fishing cards are on sale in the tourist offices of Chartreuse. As well as the Guiers stamp, and cards for private fishing sites.
You can also order some cards directly online (below), such as your Guiers stamp, your card for the ONF course and soon your card for the Lac du Sauget