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Fishing in Chartreuse

Fish and techniques

Beautiful trout, but not only! The Chartreuse Massif benefits from a diversity of rivers, lakes and even torrents suitable for fishing. There are many species of fish, from trout to coaster carp, pike, grayling and even fountain salmon.


Species of water bodies and ponds: trout, roach, carp, pike, perch, black bass, koi carp, grass carp, sturgeon…

Species of the rivers and streams: fario trout, rainbow trout, minnow, common grayling, barbel, chub, vandoise, pike…

Lake species: lavaret, pike, perch, brook salmon, rainbow trout, whitefish…

The techniques

To each his own technique… in the Chartreuse, you can discover and practice a wide range of fishing techniques. Whether you are fond of night fishing, no-kill (catch and release) or even lovers of extreme fishing thrills, you are bound to find what you are looking for among the various possibilities available to you.

Have you ever had the chance to go night fishing? In the Chartreuse, it’s possible! All year round, come and enjoy the Lac du Sauget and no-kill fishing in the moonlight …

In the river, you can practise fly fishing, toc, casting and minnow fishing techniques.

Our ponds lend themselves to cork, troll and match fishing.

We favour the ethical practice of no-kill (catch and release), which consists of systematically releasing, with the greatest possible care, the fish caught with a single barbless hook.

Fishing, an extreme sport? Combining the practice of fishing with canyoning, “extreme fishing” is a unique experience allowing you to access wild natural areas.  Strong emotions and memories guaranteed!