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Getting around on site

Without car

What means of transport are available for your stay in the Chartreuse?

Once on site, it is also possible to travel without a car. This will also require a little more flexibility, and you are not guaranteed the same flexibility as with your own car, but again: travel is part of the tourist experience.

Here are the solutions available to you:

You are here in the mountains, so bike rides can be more physical when it comes to climbing a pass ;-). To get around easily, we advise you to hire an Electrically Assisted Bike (EAB) from one of the many rental shops. You will discover all the advantages!

A hitch-hiking network is organised in the area (Rezo Pouce). To take advantage of it as a passenger, simply go to a stop “sur le Pouce”. More info in the focus below and on www.rezopouce.fr.
The conventional stop is also possible!
The stop sign makes it possible to be more flexible, and works very well on the territory.
You can also make use of short distance carpooling, by publishing your search for routes on https://movici.auvergnerhonealpes.fr/.

Bus lines allow you to move around the massif between certain villages: between St Pierre de Chartreuse and St Laurent du Pont, between St Pierre d’Entremont and Entremont le Vieux, between St Pierre d’Entremont and Entre-deux-Guiers/Les Echelles, between St Laurent du Pont and Entre-Deux-Guiers/Les Echelles, between the villages of the Plateau des Petites Roches, between the Sappey en Chartreuse and the Col de Porte.

We advise you to go to the route planner of the Region oura.com, which will allow you to prepare your route.

The funicular of St Hilaire du Touvet will take you up to the Plateau des Petites Roches from the Grésivaudan Valley (to which there are many public transport solutions from Grenoble). An original way to start your holidays! On the spot, many accommodations are close to a bus stop.

Focus on Rezo Pouce en Chartreuse

Rezo Pouce allows you to move around in “when I want, where I want” mode! ». No need to find a carpool in advance or wonder if a ride is available at the time you want.

More than 70 “on-the-go” stops are in place in Chartreuse, in 14 communes: Entre Deux Guiers, Miribel Les Echelles, St Christophe sur Guiers, St Joseph de Rivière, la Sure en Chartreuse, St Laurent du Pont, St Pierre de Chartreuse, St Pierre d’Entremont, La Bauche, Entremont le vieux, St Christophe la Grotte, St Jean de Couz, St Pierre d’Entremont and St Thibaud de Couz.