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Savoie vineyards

On the slopes of Mont Granier, the AOC Vins de Savoie vineyards.

You know the Chartreuse especially for its famous liqueur, but did you know that other intoxicating drinks (to be enjoyed in moderation) are also produced here? These are the wines of Savoy. La Chartreuse brings together 3 of the 4 AOC wines from Savoy: Vins de Savoie, AOC Roussette de Savoie and Crémants de Savoie.

Vignes ChartreuseVignes Chartreuse
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21, this is the number of grape varieties used in the vineyards of Savoie

Meet our winegrowers

The vineyards of these 3 AOCs flourish on the Chartreuse hillsides, in the towns of St Baldoph, Apremont, Myans and Les Marches, and Chapareillan.
Going to meet our winegrowers means sharing and exchanging, and of course tasting. It is to discover this know-how through a profession, a terroir. It is to taste a fresh and light wine like Jacquere, a light pearling wine with floral aromas like Apremont.

Cultivate yourself without moderation by visiting Corinne and Daniel’s educational farm. You enter the heart of the largest Savoyard wine sector, recognized by the Vignobles et Découvertes label. Tasting of the most famous AOC wines, visit of the farm, stay in a rural lodging … here those thirsty for authenticity will be served.

Immerse yourself in history

Museum enthusiast, you can visit the Winegrower Museum, member of the Route des Savoir-Faire and Cultural Sites of Chartreuse. A cellar-museum located in the heart of the vineyards in which you can discover an impressive collection of tools and utensils of the vine (since the 16th century).
If you want to go a little further, still on the same theme, visit the Regional Museum of Vine and Wine in Montmélian (8 km).

If you look up, you will see the majestic Mont-Granier, whose history is closely linked to that of the vineyards. Indeed, its impressive landslide of cliffs in 1248 shaped the reliefs below on which the vines flourish today.

What we like:

  • Its vineyards in hillsides which give this so particular landscape.
  • Its welcoming winegrowers who open their doors to showcase their know-how
  • Mont Granier overlooking the vines
  • Lac St André: lake in the middle of vineyards