Château Et Jardins Du Touvet, Visite ChartreuseChâteau Et Jardins Du Touvet, Visite Chartreuse
©Château Et Jardins Du Touvet, Visite Chartreuse
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Grésivaudan Valley

A valley overflowing with a thousand treasures between Chartreuse and Belledonne, Grenoble and Chambéry.

Nothing to do with the beast, we’ll tell you right away!?
The beast is in Gévaudan, we are here in Grésivaudan. An ancient glacial valley nestled between the Chartreuse massif and that of Belledonne. Today it follows the course of the Isère, halfway between Grenoble and Chambéry.

Jardin Chateau TouvetJardin Chateau Touvet
©Jardin Chateau Touvet

11, this is the number of stunts
100, like the Valley of 100 castles

The Valley of 100 castles

History is very present since there are a number of strongholds and castles nestled in the foothills of the Chartreuse massif, in particular: Château du Touvet, Fort Barraux, Château Bayard, Château du Cheylas, Tour d’Arces, Château Servien … Louis XII had nicknamed it “the most beautiful garden in France” and Stendhal did not “[…] in truth conceive that such a country had remained unknown”. As for the knight Bayard, the knight without fear and without reproach, it is here that he was born, in Pontcharra, in the castle which bears his name.

The valley with waterfalls

The valley of 100 castles is also known for its many waterfalls. These ribbons of freshness turn to ice when winter is here, but when fine weather arrives; they release their waters and their beauty. Nestled at the bottom of the Chartreuse and Belledonne valleys, these waterfalls have many surprises in store for you!

The particularities of the Grésivaudan Valley

  • Between Chartreuse and Belledonne
  • An important and unique historical heritage
  • The presence of water with its many waterfalls, its bodies of water and dotted lakes and the “Isère” river which runs through it from end to end.

What we like

  • Its strategic position (between the Petites Roches resorts and the Belledonne resorts in winter / between Chartreuse and Belledonne summer activities and nature hikes / between Grenoble and Chambéry.
  • Its funicular which connects the Plateau des Petites Roches through the cliff
  • Its unmissable heritage: Château du Touvet and Fort Barraux

Come to

Grésivaudan valley

From Grenoble or Chambéry: by the A41 motorway.
For all those who like to look up and contemplate, the best view of the valley is from the A41 motorway, which crosses Grésivaudan right through from Grenoble to Chambéry. Placed in the center of the plain, cleared on all sides, it allows the traveler to understand all the essential aspects (chain of Belledonne, cliffs of Chartreuse, castle of Touvet, funicular of St Hilaire du Touvet).
Exits 2, 23 and 24a will allow you to get closer to these natural or heritage gems.