Granier Vallee Des EntremontsGranier Vallee Des Entremonts
©Granier Vallee Des Entremonts
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Authentic and warm valley, nestled between the Col du Granier and the Col du Cucheron, and with exceptional landscapes.

You will love St Pierre d’Entremont for its conviviality and its animation (it is here that you will find all the shops and services), Corbel for its “miniature village” side suspended from the cliff and Entremont le Vieux for its calm, its sincerity and… its dairy cooperative (cheese lover, come over here).
And you will find in these 3 villages the “Entremondant” spirit carried by the inhabitants: authenticity, simplicity, meeting, sharing and welcome!

2 , this is the number of departments
3 or 4, this is the number of villages 😉

Villa ge d'Entremont le VieuxVilla ge d'Entremont le Vieux
©Entremont le Vieux

Focus on St Pierre d’Entremont

If you’ve ever been to St Pierre d´Entremont, you have certainly noticed the river that runs through the village, the Guiers Vif. Have you seen the signs on either side of the bridge? On one side, one which indicates the department of Savoie and on the other, Isère. And yes ! There are actually 2 villages: St Pierre d´Entremont Savoie and St Pierre d´Entremont Isère with 2 churches and 2 town halls.

Small additional peculiarity (to spice things up a bit): the postcode of St Pierre d´Entremont Isère (department 38) is 73 670 (as in Savoie). In fact, there is only one post office located on the other bank of the Guiers, on the Savoie side! The postal code is therefore the same for all inhabitants on both sides of the “border”, which makes St Pierre d´Entremont Isère one of the few French municipalities to have this particularity.
Formerly, this river was the border between France (Dauphiné, today Isère) and Savoy. A sometimes delicate situation between the inhabitants of the 2 villages, especially during the conflicts between the 2 kingdoms in 1600.

The particularities of Entremonts

  • St Pierre d´Entremont: 2 in 1 village Le Cirque de St Even: a must
  • The “preserved valley” aspect beyond time
  • An agriculture that continues and products made in Entremonts (cheeses, cold meats, etc.)
  • Recognized businesses (Boucherie Guerre, Fromagerie Arpin…) and for which people come from afar.

What we like

  • Its simplicity and authenticity
  • Its very rich history
  • Its hamlets with incredible views (Le Château, Le Désert, Les Bandets, Corbel …)
  • The view of the Valley from the Col du Cucheron
Come to


  • 1/ Access via the Col du Granier,
    From Chambéry (16 km) by taking the D912 (offering a 180 ° view of the city and Lac du Bourget). Going up, on a clear day, you can see Mont Blanc. Some car parks are arranged so that you can stop and take the time to enjoy. As you pass the Col, you will be overlooked by the impressive cliff of Mont Granier. Take the opportunity to have a drink and taste a good blueberry tart, a classic!
  • 2/ Access via Les Echelles (12 km) and the Pas du Frou (D520C).
    After passing the hamlet of Berland, you take the Pas du Frou road (“terrible passage” in patois) or “Les Gorges de la Frousse” as the locals called it before. Rest assured, no more danger today, the place is fully secure (and regularly maintained). By parking in the small landscaped area, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the corbelled road and the 150 m of cliffs stretching out beneath your feet. Opposite, the village of Corbel, as if clinging to the mountain.
  • 3/ Access via St Pierre de Chartreuse (14 km) via the Col de Cucheron.
    Here too, the road is worth the detour. Or rather the roads because 2 routes are possible (by the D512 or by the D102B). The advantage is that no matter what route you choose, you can take the opportunity to stop at Col du Cucheron (with its panorama over the Entremonts Valley) and the hamlet-village of St Philibert.