Lac AiguebeletteLac Aiguebelette
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Aiguebelette lake

Nestled at the foot of the Chartreuse and the Epine mountain, Lac d’Aiguebelette is the smallest of the 4 lakes in Savoie Mont Blanc. It is also the most preserved and the most secret.


3rd natural lake in France, its magnificent “emerald green” color gave it its name since “Aiguebelette” means “beautiful little waters”. Very popular with swimmers (see below), the lake is also very popular with fishermen and rowers since it has a remarkable ecosystem and natural areas that guarantee water quality and ecological diversity. Thermal engine boats are also prohibited there. Small authentic towns nestle around the lake and each offers a different view.

The beaches

7 beaches are arranged around Lake Aiguebelette. Families, we recommend the beaches of St Alban or Pré Argent with their inflatable structures and other water games (or land!), Bon Vent beach, it will guarantee you a well shaded lawn.
Without forgetting the beach of La Crique located in the immediate vicinity of the motorway exit, or that of Lépin le Lac with many games and its snack bar.
On the practical side, swimming is supervised from June to August. Access to the beaches is chargeable during the summer season, access is free the rest of the year.

Nautical activities

Lac d’Aiguebelette is known worldwide for the practice of rowing. His club is renowned and many national and international competitions take place there, including the world championship in 2015.
The rowing base is located on the road to the beaches between those of Pré-argent and Le Sougey, by car, be careful, it is not uncommon to see an oar crossing the road! ? Many other nautical activities are offered such as: stand-up paddle boarding, boat trips, canoeing, … All you have to do is choose your boat!

Les activités natures

Si les activités nautiques sont incontournables sur le Lac d’Aiguebelette, de nombreuses autres activités plus “terrestres” ou “aériennes” sont proposées autour du Lac. Que diriez-vous de survoler le Lac d’Aiguebelette en parapente ou en ULM, de voir le lac d’en haut après une randonnée ou une via ferrata, d’emmener les enfants faire de l’accrobranche, etc. De beaux souvenirs en perspectives.